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Outings Committee

The Outings Committee trains and certifies leaders for day hikes, backpack trips into wilderness areas, overnight car camping trips, canoeing and kayaking outings, bicycling trips, trail maintenance and invasive plant removal, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, bird watching trips, plant and mushroom identification trips, and photography trips. This is a description of what our present leaders are doing, we can offer more and different outings if participants and new leaders suggest other possibilities.

Members and non-members are welcome to participate in any of the above activities for which they are physically capable. Most trips do not require payment of a fee to participate, but we do accept donations for the continued training of our certified leaders. Riders usually contribute to the driver for the cost of the gas for trips that are a considerable distance from the starting point.

Some Groups list their own activities on their own Group website, but most of the outings for the Chapter, which takes in the whole state of Washington, are posted on the Chapter website under Outings. Contact the leader of the outing that you are interested in to be put on the list of participants and to be notified of the clothing and gear needed for that outing.

Outings are also listed on the chapter facebook page and on our MeetUp site Sierra Club Outings, Washington State meetup

General questions about outings and the Outings Committee can be addressed to any of the 3 member leadership of the committee.

Jacqueline Powers, chair - powers.jacqueline@gmail.com

Lehman Holder, training - tripsguy@aol.com

Rakesh Malik, marketing - tamerlin@gmail.com


An official Sierra Club outings leader leads outdoor trips, open to the public, that focus on reconnecting people with the natural environment in a safe and informative setting. In order to make our outings more available to the public and spread the gift of the outdoors we need volunteers willing to lead trips! All that is required is the desire to share the experience of natural world with others. Get more information here (download link to flyer). Interested in becoming an outings leader, or have questions? Contact Kyle Murphy at kyle.murphy@sierraclub.org