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North Olympic Group

The North Olympic Group was organized in 2010 and has quickly become a powerful voice for protecting the Peninsula's ecosystem. We have 850 members in Clallam and Jefferson counties. Our operations are governed by seven volunteers with lots of help by our conservation committees. We have no paid staff. Meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of each month. All Sierra Club members are welcome (in fact encouraged) to attend. Since the locations change, it is best to contact one of the ExCom members to find the location of the next meeting.



Upcoming Meetings:

Next Executive Committee Meeting:  The North Olympic Group Executive Committee meeting will be held Thursday, September 11, 1:00 PM at the Sequim Library, 630 N. Sequim Avenue. All Sierra Club members are welcome. Contact Monica Fletcher for details.


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Sept. 9 - A Kickoff Fundraiser for Sissi Bruch will be held Tuesday, September 9 at 5:30 PM at the Clallam County Democratic Headquarters, 124 W. First St, Port Angeles. You will have an opportunity to listen to her positions on critical issues and to ask questions. Needed, too, are volunteers for a range of help to make this a successful campaign. Clallam County, divided into three districts, is a huge territory to cover. Please attend the Kickoff Fundraiser and sign up to help in all ways that you can. Any amount and ways of help will be appreciated. Please contact Darlene Schanfald at darlenes@olympus.net to sign up.


Clallam County Political Endorsements:

Sierra Club Endorses Sissi Bruch for Clallam County Commissioner.

Sissi Bruch The Sierra Club endorsed Sissi three years ago for Port Angeles City Council. She has been one of our few environmental heroes on the Council and we feel she will be so as County Commissioner. Prior to her becoming a City Council Member, she served on the Port Angeles Planning Commission. Sissi has been a solid voice for keeping the City expenditures within budget and has helped develop a long term vision for the City. Sissi favors the newly introduced Wild Olympics bill and believes it will be a net positive for the local economy and jobs. As County Commissioner she will urge the County to focus on what it can do about climate change. Currently, Sissi is the Senior Planner for the Lower Elwha Tribe, focusing on community and economic development and state and federal grant writing and management. Sissi Bruch's website: http://votesissi.com/


Jefferson County Political Endorsements:

Sierra Club Endorses Kathleen Kler for Jefferson County Commissioner.

A number of important future environmental issues are facing Jefferson County: How to address the many environmental, health and safety issues associated with the proposed mega-resort development at Black Point and the Pit to Pier gravel mining operation on Hood Canal; deciding what changes, if any, are needed to the County’s Critical Areas Ordinance that protects our salmon streams; how to sensibly manage our water resources in light of future scarcity resulting from a reduced winter snowpack due to climate change; and how to ensure that land use decisions promote livable, walkable communities with good public transit access. Our discussion with Kathleen Kler convinced us that she not only understands these issues but also is highly motivated to work on finding solutions that address both the concerns of stakeholders while promoting environmental sustainability and the magnificent natural beauty of our region. Please vote for Kathleen Kler for Jefferson County Commissioner in the November general election. Ballots will be mailed October 17 and are due before the close of business on Election Day, November 4. For further information on Kathleen Kler and how to support her campaign please go to: http://kathleenkler2014.com/

Sierra Club Endorses Kenneth Collins (top photo) and Tony DeLeo (lower photo) for Jefferson County PUD.

Kenneth Collins 2014

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There have been major problems with the newly expanded Jefferson County PUD: it failed to continue financial assistance programs that PSE had in place for helping people pay their winter heating bills; it is now faced with the prospect of turning back hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked for conservation because of a failure to publicize and aggressively market these programs; and finally, despite the fact that Jefferson County has one of the highest solar adoption rates in the state, the PUD failed to make solar one of its priorities. Challengers—Tony DeLeo and Kenneth Collins—won the primary election and are now running in the general election. After interviewing the candidates multiple times, North Olympic Group is comfortable endorsing both of them. Both candidates understand the important role the PUD can play in advancing conservation and solar and in decreasing its reliance on nuclear and coal. Additionally, both understand the many administrative and management challenges facing the PUD as it transitions from being just a small water utility to becoming the electric utility for Jefferson County. Please go to the respective candidate websites to find out more information to help you in making an informed choice in this important race. Then please volunteer to help your candidate of choice win!

Kenneth Collins for PUD Commissioner, District 2: http://kennethcollinspud.com/

Tony DeLeo 4 PUD: http://deleo4pud.blogspot.com/2014/07/vote-411-voter-guide-league-of-women.html or email him at deleo4PUD@gmail.com.


North Olympic Group Officers:

Chair: Monica Fletcher

Vice Chair: Robert Sextro

Secretary: Bill Volmut

Treasurer: Monica Fletcher


Executive Committee:

Norm Baker, Monica Fletcher, Peter Guerrero, Darlene Schanfald, Robert Sextro, Bill Volmut

Newsletter and Membership: Janet Marx

Site Content: Mary Porter-Solberg



Wild Olympics - Protecting our Ancient Forests and Rivers for Future Generations

Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Derek Kilmer introduced the Wild Olympics Wilderness & Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 2014 (S. 1949; H.R. 3922). This historic legislation will establish new Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River protections on the Olympic Peninsula. If passed, the bill would protect the first new Wilderness designations (more than 126,000 acres ) within Olympic National Forest in nearly 30 years and the first ever Wild and Scenic River designations (for 19 rivers and their tributaries constituting 464 miles of river) on the Olympic Peninsula. To learn more about the proposal, visit the Wild Olympics website Proposal page http://www.wildolympics.org/vision/maps or visit their Facebook page.