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Seattle Group

The Seattle group serves Seattle and Shoreline, and focuses on local issues, including improving public transit, reducing waste, environmental justice, and endorsing and supporting green candidates.

We meet on the first Monday every month for Seattle Group planning meetings, and subcommittees may meet more frequently. Please contact our chair Dan Schwartz (dpschwartz at gmail dot com) if you'd like to join us.

The Washington Chapter runs frequent outings throughout the state. See our Meetup page or the calendar at right for upcoming events.

Executive Committee

Chair: Dan Schwartz

Treasurer: Tim Hesterberg

Membership chair: vacant

Political chair: vacant

Outings chair: Jacquie Powers

Committee members: Sara Kiesler, Jesse Piedfort, Kyle Murphy, Kevin Fullerton, Jack Bolton, Josh Osborne-Klein, Jenny Slemp, Bill Roach, Dan Schwartz

Would you like to help? Please contact Dan Schwartz (dpschwartz at gmail dot com)

2014 Calendars are available, see our calendar page. Proceeds benefit local environmental action.

Executive committee member statements

Sara Kiesler As a Seattle Group Executive Committee member, my priorities include zero waste initiatives, funding the bicycle and pedestrian master plans, expanding our coalition to labor and social justice groups, cleaning up the port and communicating our priorities more effectively in the legislature.

My background is mostly in communications work, including my new role as the Washington, Idaho and Alaska Communications Director for Planned Parenthood. Upon moving to King County in April 2009, within six days I began volunteering as the New Media Coordinator, organizing online activistsfor the Green Bag Campaign to pass a 20-cent disposable bag fee in Seattle. I joined the Sierra Club soon after that, sitting on the campaign steering committee to develop communications and elections strategies during the 2010 campaign. I also began spending my time phonebanking and doorknocking for various campaigns, ranging from Referendum 52 and Hans Dunshee's re-election bid to our Cascade Chapter, where I've helped with media (old and new) relations and worked with social justice and union groups to help clean up the port. I've also been a member of the Seattle Group for a year and sat in on numerous political committee meetings to offer input on various ports campaigns.

Dan Schwartz Dan Schwartz has been volunteering for the Sierra Club for the past six years, currently serving as chair of the Seattle Group. He also sits on the Chapter Political Committee, Seattle ExComm, and the Environmental Justice Committee. He is working to build a career in green infrastructure and urban ecosystem management, and looks forward to continuing to advocate for progressive environmental policy for years to come.

Bill Roach I have a particular interest in global warming and the practical policies and actions that can mitigate the effects of global warming. I have a long history of being a part of the political and policy life of Washington State. I started the region's ridesharing program in the early 70's, began the vanpool program for the region, was instrumental in a wide range of policies dedicated to increasing ridesharing and transit in Washington State, helped develop the Commute Trip Reduction Law requiring major employers to develop employee transportation programs, served on the CTR Board from its inception in 1992 to my retirement from King County Metro in 2007 and spent many legislative sessions working on supportive legislation for CTR. In retirement I am seeking environmental activities where I can provide a constructive perspective based on my passion and long experience. I will be honored to serve the Sierra Club in this capacity.

Kyle Murphy I am a recent graduate of the University of Washington, where I studied political science, environmental studies, worked at an organization that awarded grants for green infrastructure projects and began what has become a very successful campaign to divest the UW's endowment from fossil fuels. My interests are in engaging citizen's in governance and action (ie a belief that governance doesn't exclusively mean government), urban environmentalism, and I am admittedly a huge nerd for the reintroduction of wolves. I also like cycling, hiking, skiing on water and snow, baseball, and I am remodeling a very dated house my family inherited.

Jesse Piedfort As a Seattle-area native and lifelong outdoors enthusiast, I have a deep appreciation for the connection between vibrant urban places, sustainability and conservation. I would be honored to bring this perspective to the Seattle Group Executive Committee. Since graduating from law school in 2009, I have worked as a land use and environmental news reporter and produced continuing education programs for attorneys. I have also been an active volunteer for the King County Bar Association, the Chapter Environmental Justice Committee, and for various political campaigns. I look forward to helping the Executive Committee continue to advocate for progressive environmental and transportation policy and strengthen the club’s organizing and outreach efforts in Seattle.

Jack Bolton Right now, I am working for ways to address the most pressing issues facing us due to the force of anthropogenic climate change. I keep a holistic perspective, as I continue my education in history, science, economics, etc. Over the past few years, I have volunteered with the Cascades Chapter in advocating for rational transportation choices for all. Since 2009, I have volunteered for the McGinn for Mayor campaign, Washington Beyond Coal, and the 2011 Protect Seattle Now campaign. Looking ahead to the increasingly difficult challenges for sustainability, I hope to continue participating in direct action for the planet through education and communication. Currently, I work as a transportation engineer for the state on the I-90 light rail project.

Kevin Fullerton I have served on the Executive Committee since 2003. I chaired the Seattle group's Political Committee until 2008, engaging heavily in Sierra Club campaigns to prevent freeway replacements for the Alaskan Way Viaduct and prevent approval of the regional "Roads and Transit" measure, which proposed expansion of Eastside highways. I have coordinated Club endorsement of dozens of local and statewide elected officials, seeking tougher commitments on climate change, alternative transportation, and urban density. I am executive director of the Renewable Farming Group of Washington, a nonprofit that assists agricultural businesses that develop bio-based alternatives to fertilizers and other agricultural products derived from fossil fuels.

Josh Osborne-Klein Josh Osborne-Klein has been a member of the Seattle Group Executive Committee since 2007. He currently serves as chair of the Chapter Conservation Committee. He is committed to ensuring that Sierra Club works to promote social justice through its efforts to protect the natural environment. In addition to volunteering for the Seattle Group, Josh works as environmental attorney--he has represented the Sierra Club in several cases on a topics spanning from endangered species protections to greenhouse gas emissions controls. He is also a member of the Chapter Environmental Justice Committee and the Chapter Litigation Committee.

Jennifer Slemp An outdoors enthusiast and nature lover, Jennifer Slemp is a new member of the Seattle Group. She is interested in promoting environmental justice, which is the prevention, reduction, and elimination of the known disproportionate environmental burdens primarily on people of color, indigenous, and low-income communities. In addition to volunteering for the Seattle Group, Jennifer works as attorney in the local Seattle area.