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2007 Political Endorsements

For endorsement details, click the name of the candidate or ballot measure.
State Position Name
All districts Initiative: Vote NO I-960
County Position Name
King Proposition: Vote NO Roads & Transit Ballot Measure
King County Port Commission Alec Fisken - Port of Seattle
King County Port Commission Gael Tarleton Port of Seattle
King County Prosecutor Bill Sherman
Pierce Proposition: Vote NO Roads & Transit Ballot Measure
Pierce County Port Commission Clare Petrich - Port of Tacoma
Snohomish Proposition: Vote NO Roads & Transit Ballot Measure
Snohomish County Council #2 Brian Sullivan
Snohomish County Council #3 Mike Cooper
Locality Position Name
Bellevue City Council #7 Keri Andrews
Bellingham City Council Michael Lilliquist
Bellingham City Council #1 Jack Weiss
Bellingham City Council #3 Barry Buchanan
Bellingham City Council #4 Stan Snapp
Bellingham City Council #5 Terry Bornemann
Burien City Council Lucy Krakowiak
Camas Mayor Paul Dennis
Edmonds City Council #5 Adrienne Fraley-Monillas
Edmonds City Council #6 Steve Bernheim
Edmonds City Council #7 Strom Peterson
Everett City Council #4 Charlene Rawson
Kirkland City Council #4 Jessica Greenway
Kirkland City Council #6 Dave Asher
Lake Forest Park City Council Catherine Stanford
Lynnwood City Council #5 Stephanie Wright
Mercer Island City Council #3 Maureen Judge
Mercer Island City Council #5 Bruce Bassett
Mill Creek City Council #6 Ed McNichol
Seattle City Council #7 Tim Burgess
Seattle City Port Commission #2 Gael Tarleton
Seattle City Port Commission #5 Alec Fisken
Tacoma City Council #3 Lauren Walker
Tacoma City Council #7 Julie Anderson
Tacoma City Port Commission #5 Clare Petrich
University Place City Council #6 Rose Ehart
University Place City Council #7 Jean Brooks
Vancouver City Council #4 Timothy D. Leavitt
Vancouver City Council #5 Larry Smith
Vancouver City Council #6 Dan Tonkovich