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Sierra Club Supports I-90 Upgrades

There's one state highway project this year that has the strong support of the Sierra Club and other environmental groups. The Washington State Department of Transportation is considering an upgrade to I-90 east of Snoqualmie Pass. The requested funds would cover the cost of longer and higher bridges at Gold Creek.

"The new bridges would dramatically improve wildlife connectivity for over 260 species," said Charlie Raines, Chair of the Sierra Club Cascade Chapter Checkerboard Project. "This will strengthen wildlife populations by providing a genetic connection between the north and south Cascades."

2014 Washington State Chapter Executive Committee Election

The Washington State Chapter of the Sierra Club annually holds elections for at-large members of the chapter’s Executive Committee (ExCom).

Background: The ExCom is comprised of nine elected at-large members and one representative from each of the ten regional groups, for a total of 19 members. Four at-large members are elected on even years and five members are elected on odd years. Terms are for two years.

The ExCom meets monthly and is responsible for finances, planning, committees, staff management, and operations. The Conservation, Outings, Communications, and Political committees report directly to the Executive Committee. There are three ExCom committees: Fundraising, Operations and Management, and Leadership and Development.

Vote YES On 522: Help Shoppers Make Informed Choices and Protect Our Wild Salmon

The Sierra Club endorses I-522 which requires genetically modified foods to be clearly labeled so Washington shoppers can make smart food choices. Read our full endorsement here.

Why is the Sierra Club endorsing Initiative 522? Our Club's official policy calls for labeling of all genetically engineered foods We also believe the federal government should carefully regulate food produced from or containing genetically engineered organisms to ensure it's safe for human consumption.

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