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Dave Schmidt: State Senator, District 44

Dave Schmidt understands that times have changed. When it comes to energy and the environment, he's become convinced that we must break with past practices, not only to meet our immediate needs, but so that our children and grandchildren are able to live in world that remains beautiful, clean and protected.

In 2005, the Sierra Club gave Schmidt our "Most Improved Legislator" award, and the trend has continued. He consistently backed our environmental priorites, providing key votes on Clean Cars and other bills; for the last two legislative sessions, his record earned an A and A+ on our report card.

On procedural matters -- which don't show up in a voting record -- Schmidt has bucked his party, for example, when he acted to block over 50 amendments that would have killed the Septics Bill. Schmidt notes, "I have on more than one occasion chosen to say no to my party leadership."

Visit his website: http://www.daveschmidt.org