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Bridging the Gap: Vote YES (Local Initiative, Seattle)

If we are going to turn the corner on our transportation problems, we need to invest in transit, biking and walking as real alternatives to automobiles. With a rapidly growing population, we must use our roadways more wisely. If we do so, we can reduce greenhouse emissions, save money, help clean our air and water, and improve our communities.

This fall, voters in Seattle have the opportunity to do just that by voting for the Bridging the Gap ballot measure. Bridging the Gap has been identified as a key strategy to meet Seattle’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While it springs from the need to pay for a serious maintenance backlog in Seattle, the measure also requires that rebuilt streets must accommodate transit, biking and walking, not merely autos.

Bridging the Gap also finances additional transit service from Metro, as well as making capital improvements on the Rapid Ride Corridors in Seattle. Finally, it has significant dedicated funds for new bicycle paths and sidewalk construction. If you’re concerned about climate change, air and water pollution, and traffic congestion, make sure you vote for Bridging the Gap.

Bridging the Gap has also been endorsed by the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

For more info: www.bridgingthegapseattle.com

To Volunteer: Contact Melanie Mayock, Transportation Committee Volunteer, (206) 285-0565; mkmayock@yahoo.com.