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Transit Now: Vote YES (King County Initiative)

This desperately needed proposal would expand Metro bus service by 15 to 20 percent, with a goal of getting as many as 60,000 cars off the roads every day. The funds would be raised by an increase in the sales tax of .1%, costing the average household only $25 per year. Transit Now includes five "RapidRide" corridors with frequent all-day bus service & faster travel times, and additional service on 35 major routes, including more frequent rush-hour, mid-day and weekend service.

Why We Need Transit Now

  • Climate Change — Motor vehicles are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in King County. Making buses more convenient & reliable will give commuters viable options to expensive car trips.
  • Growing Population — King County’s population is projected to grow by 150,000 new residents in the next decade. More funding is needed to simply maintain the current percentage of residents riding Metro.

Vote for Transit Now this November!

For more information: www.peoplefortransitnow.com