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Kelli Linville: State Representative #2, District 42

Kelli Linville has represented Whatcom County in the state legislature since 1993. She has used her leadership of the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Committee to effectively enact many changes to state water management that have supported environmental goals, and at times thwarted them. However, she earned an A+ on the Club’s legislative report card, and she has consistently worked with us to incorporate environmental values in her legislative work.

In particular, her work to pass the Phosphate bill in the 2006 legislative was essential to the ultimate passage of the measure. The bill bans the use of phosphates in automatic dishwasher detergents, which helps remedy the ongoing phosphate contamination problems in Lake Whatcom, Bellingham’s drinking water supply. We expect that our strong working relationship with Representative Linville will continue to foster good environmental legislation.

Visit her website: http://kellilinville.com/