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Rick Larsen: U.S. Representative, District C2

Rick Larsen is in his third congressional race, with a voting record that demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental protection. In the most recent congressional session, he rated 89% on the League of Conservation Voters National Environmental Score Card, supporting measures to promote environmental justice, maintain funding levels for environmental management and regulation programs, and retaining public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management in federal ownership.

He has stood up to oil companies by supporting better air pollution controls, opposing Artic National Wildlife Refuge Drilling, assigning oil companies liability for groundwater MTBE contamination from leaking underground gasoline storage tanks, and supporting increased fuel economy measures. While initially supporting CAFTA, he responded to constituent concerns and voted against it. He has been a good ally to the Sierra Club over his tenure in the Congress, and deserves our support.

Visit his website: http://ricklarsen.org/