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Protect the National Transit Program

Transportation is intimately linked to air and water quality, land use, and our quality of life. Traffic and air pollution have become too commonplace in American communities. Building large roads in and around towns without properly designing them to fit the existing community is destructive. As Congress prepares to authorize nearly $300 billion in the transportation bill, the stakes are high for communities across the country.

In an effort to appease President Bush's high-donor friends and hasten poorly-planned, large-scale road projects, current proposals would weaken the environmental review process for new, large highways; reduce the frequency and scope of air quality check-ups; remove protections for parks, wetlands and historic sites; and steal funds from the national transit program in a mad grab for even more highway dollars.

We need to maintain proper environmental and public reviews of new highways, as well as frequent and comprehensive air quality check-ups. Please ask your representatives to oppose weakening these important protections in TEA-3, the latest iteration of the Transportation Equity Act.