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Oppose Barton's Energy Bill

At a time when America desperately needs to move forward in the battle for clean air, Representative Barton is attempting to take the country backwards. His proposed Energy Bill funnels ever more taxpayer dollars to the oil industry, while eliminating environmental protections on new oil refineries.

Worse yet, this deeply flawed legislation repeals the Clean Air Act's New Source Review program. This program requires older factories, including refineries, to install modern pollution control technology when they make changes that increase pollution. That is why the oil, coal and power companies that own those polluting facilities have been so interested in rewriting the rules.

Repealing the New Source Review program, as Barton proposes in his Energy Bill, would allow more than 20,000 industrial facilities to expand or upgrade in ways that increase pollution, and it would allow cities around the country to delay improving air quality. Please urge your legislators to reject Represenative Barton's dangerous bill and to stand behind strong enforcement of the Clean Air Act.