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Congestion Pricing: Can It Solve Our Traffic Problems and Global Warming?

There has been a lot of talk about congestion pricing lately. The Sierra Club had an opinion piece in the Puget Sound Business Journal on Friday, 6/8: "Roads, transit package fails to stop greenhouse gas" which talks about the proposed RTID/ST2 ballot measure and why it is not the answer to our problems. (If you are not a PSBJ subscriber, you can link to the text of the article here.)

This spring, King County Executive, Ron Sims, released a study titled Destination 2030 - Taking an Alternative Route which studies stytem-wide pricing for all the limited access freeways in the region.

Washington CFO Magazine ran an editorial 5/4 on the congestion pricing study and concluded that "...if we are to protect our quality of life and maintain our economic growth, there may be no other way."

The New York Times ran an article on 6/7: "City Traffic Pricing Wins U.S. and Spitzer’s Favor" about a well developed plan to implement congestion pricing in New York City. The article also mentions that Seattle is one of nine finalists vying for a share of a $1.1 billion grant to test congestion pricing.