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Roads & Transit Ballot Measure: Vote NO (King County Proposition)


The problem of global warming is real. Scientists say that to avoid the most catastrophic effects of global warming, we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050, and we must start making reductions immediately.

In the Puget Sound region, over 50% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from vehicles. Even if we adopt all the technological fixes imagined, like clean fuels and higher mileage vehicles, it only makes a dent in our emissions. If we’re serious about solving this problem, we cannot continue business as usual.

This fall, voters in Snohomish, King and Pierce counties will be asked to approve the largest tax increase in the state’s history: RTID. While there are good projects within the package, approving RTID means adding 74 miles of new general purpose highway lanes.

  • Adding highways traps us in a future of more cars on the road, more car-dependent development, and constantly increasing emissions.
  • We’ve spent the past 50 years building freeways, and they keep filling up. New freeway lanes will fill up too. We can’t build our way out of congestion.
  • At a time when 34 of our region’s bridges are rated at 25% structural sufficiency or worse, a transportation package that ignores 33 of these in favor of highway expansion is reckless.

Voting yes on RTID cements old-fashioned, pork barrel politics instead of bravely facing our generation’s gravest challenge with ingenuity and determination.

So what’s a better solution? The Puget Sound region needs to invest in transit, fix safety problems, and foster compact communities. We urge elected officials to bring voters a new package in six months that:

  • Implements system-wide tolling, the smartest path toward reducing congestion because it uses our existing infrastructure more efficiently.
  • Fixes critical safety problems first. Period.
  • Gives us Sound Transit light rail without the albatross of highway expansion tied to its neck.

We need to invest in the future we know is right for our children – not continue to ignore the urgency of the problem we’ve created. Say no to RTID – we can’t drive to a solution to global warming.