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Cool State Campaign Update

  by Kathleen Ridihalgh, Sr. Regional Representative

The Cascade Chapter is building on our success at helping cities to become “cool” by signing the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Agreement, initiated by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, and the beginning of “cool counties” led by King County Executive Ron Sims. Now, the demand for global warming solutions leads us to the state level with the Cool State campaign.

Washington State can take the lead on the fight against global warming and reach our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050. By making smarter energy and transportation choices, we can save money, create jobs, reduce air and water pollution and improve the health of our families. Let’s seize this moment and work together as voters, community leaders, businesses and families. Let’s make Washington State a COOL state!

Making a serious commitment to reduce greenhouse gas pollution does more than protect the environment. Putting a responsible limit on climate pollution will establish Washington as a strong leader in the clean energy economy, increase energy security, create good new jobs, and deliver a better future for our children. 

You, me, businesses, and government -- all have a role to play. We must start right now to make better decisions about the energy we use at home, at work, as a state and as a nation. In addition to the steps you can take to reduce energy use in your own life, you can play a valuable role in ensuring our public officials create smart energy policy for our future. Join with us to learn how!

Our nation, our state and our communities can lead in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels by:

  • Conserve electricity: In some cases, up to 50% of the power you use comes from coal or natural gas - both greenhouse gas emitters. In your home, save electricity by using compact fluorescent light bulbs and weatherproofing. You can also help us to ensure that utilities are investing in conservation and alternatives like wind and solar power.
  • Conserve gas: Pollution from our tailpipes makes up a majority of climate pollution in Puget Sound. Gas prices are ever-increasing and supplies are dwindling. Pledge to carpool, bus or combine trips to save money. Urge our leaders to create transportation plans that emphasize transit choices.
  • Buy locally: look for food, drinks and other products that are made near home and organically produced. Help support our community businesses and demonstrate that government should also make these healthy choices.

Look for more ways to save at www.coolstatewashington.org (we are currently building this site) To get involved, contact Jessica Eagle at jessica.eagle@sierraclub.org.