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Lisa Brown (D): State Senator, District 3

Senator Lisa Brown is a lawmaker the whole state can be proud of. Respected for her integrity, strategic thinking, and effective leadership, she has been chosen as the Senate Majority Leader. Lisa has always been a green voter in the legislature and often a key leader for our causes as well. She uses her position to fight for people who don't have high-paid lobbyists in Olympia. She represents working families and the interests of Spokane and Eastern Washington.

Lisa works hard to make Washington healthier, safer, and cleaner. She has secured funding for farmers markets and bike trails. Advocates for children and health care, as well as law enforcement, firefighter, and environmental organizations have honored her with numerous leadership awards. From the Cooper Jones bike safety bill to the Lance Morehouse Jr. developmental disability services bill, Lisa turns Spokane priorities into Washington priorities.

Visit her website to ask questions, make comments, and learn more at www.votelisabrown.org. Please vote to return Senator Lisa Brown to Olympia.