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Timm Ormsby (D): State Representative #2, District 3

Representative Timm Ormsby honed his skills as a labor union leader then won this house seat on his first try for public office. He won our respect in his first session his willingness to be the prime sponsor of a bill to restrict the amount of phosphate in automatic dishwasher detergent, a change that will reduce excess algae growth in the waters of Washington. There were already several brands with zero percent phosphate, so this would seem to be a simple change, but major manufacturers sent lawyers and lobbyists to do their best to stop it. Timm worked to get the bill passed. The legislation takes affect in Spokane County July first, and in the rest on the state in two years.

Timm has been a leader in the "Blue/Green" movement that motivates labor and environmentalists to work together toward the common goal of a healthy sustainable state.

We can count on Timm Ormsby to listen when we need his help in Olympia.