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Tom Campbell (R): State Representative #1, District 2

Representative Campbell, a Republican incumbent for many years in the 2nd Legislative District, has become a leader in promoting good environment and human health bills. He has the unique position, serving as a Minority Party member, as Chair of the Select Committee of Environmental Health in the Democrat-Majority House. This exemplifies the respect he has from the Majority Party and his bipartisan work to get good environmental legislation passed. He is also on the Transportation Committee working to solve a number of challenging transportation issues.

Over the last four years he has voted for bills for green buildings, septic systems clean-up, public transit, transportation, bio-fuels, and e-waste recycling. In the 2007– 2008 Session he was instrumental helping pass legislation on banning toxic PBDEs and toxic toys. He supported numerous other environmental legislative priorities including global warming mitigation, support of local agriculture, and climate action/green jobs.

His website is http://www.tcampbell.com.