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Adam Smith (D): U.S. Representative, District C9

Congressman Smith again deserves the Sierra Club’s endorsement for Congressman in the 9th Congressional District. Sierra Club has endorsed his last several terms. He has always had high scores from the League of Conservation Voters on his Congressional votes and has been willing to talk with Sierra Club representatives regarding a number of environmental issues. He believes that we should look towards new sources of cleaner and renewable energy, rather than the fossil fuels that we have depended on over the past centuries. He continues to encourage the use and development of more efficient technology. For example, he has supported responsible funding increases for the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program. The Energy Star program has a cost-effective, proven, track record of saving energy and money. He has also supported investments in the development of alternative fuel sources and biofuel technology.

He believes investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy are particularly effective strategies for lowering energy costs. A mix of sustainable energy technologies offers one of the most cost-effective options for reducing the export of U.S. dollars to pay for burgeoning oil and natural gas imports. Renewable energy technologies also have the unique potential to tap domestic resources and create new sources of energy like solar and wind power. These new sources of energy, once thought to be hopelessly impractical, are within cents of being cost-competitive.

Smith has also supported revision of salmon recovery plans for the Columbia and Snake River systems, even to the point of considering the possible breaching of the four Lower Snake River Dams if necessary.

Finally he understands the fairness issues around free trade agreements, and has voted some of those agreements down, e.g., CAFTA, for inadequate environmental, labor safety, and fairness provisions.

Visit his website at www.electadamsmith.com.