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David Carrier (D): State Senator, District 17

Although David Carrier is new to politics, he has an extensive background in working for environmental interests. He is particularly strong in researching the data needed to show that alternative energy can be economically feasible. His study of the Kyoto protocol shows that compliance will result in net economic benefit. He is a college professor, an economist, a long-time Sierra Club Member, and his home has solar power and water.

David serves on the Board of the Southwest Washington Community Land Trust and is a sustainability consultant to the Northwest Cooperative Development Center. He has been involved with many advocacy groups to work toward ending poverty and providing affordable housing.

Carrier provides a strong contrast to the incumbent (who has scored an F on our environmental report card). An endorsement of Carrier and his strong environmental values would be the right message to send.

Carrier's website is http://www.davidcarrier.org.