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Chris Gregoire (D): Governor

Vote for Governor Gregoire

When Governor Gregoire, a Democrat, was elected four years ago, climate change was not on the public’s radar screen—Al Gore hadn’t delivered his Inconvenient Truth, hurricane Katrina hadn’t hit, and gas cost $1.50 a gallon. In that short time, the world has changed—and Governor Gregoire has taken up the challenge and run with it. She played an integral role in passing the Clean Car Act, which will save consumers money at the pump and help clean our air. She led the nation in our state’s appliance efficiency standards and in solar energy investments, which created incentives for renewable energy and conservation, increased jobs here in the state, and saved ratepayers money.

She is taking climate change seriously by weaning us off dirty oil and coal, reducing congestion on our roads, and stabilizing our energy supply. Last year, she directed the Legislature to cap our state’s carbon emissions, develop a way to trade carbon, and create 25,000 jobs by investments in clean energy technology. As a leader of the Western Climate Initiative, she is driving a regional effort to achieve these goals and help bring clean energy businesses and jobs to the state.

She recently said, “In the face of global climate change, what can one little state do? Will any of this matter? One little state can LEAD—and that’s what we’re doing.” Her leadership has made all the difference, and that’s why she has earned the Sierra Club endorsement.

While climate change is a crucial issue, the Governor has also taken tough stances on other issues we care about. She bucked the Bush Administration’s so-called “healthy forest initiative” and sued them over their policies to log our precious roadless areas. As attorney general, she fought to ensure Hanford nuclear waste is cleaned up, and has continued that work as governor.

Governor Gregoire is a proven leader, who has invested herself personally in these issues, and engaged our entire state in developing the cutting edge solutions to our most pressing problems.

You can Visit Governor Gregoire’s website at http://www.chrisgregoire.com.

Reject Dino Rossi Who Sides With his Donors, Not Our Communities.

What Do We Know About Republican Dino Rossi?

For starters, he hasn’t said whether he believes in global warming. According to the Seattle Times’ David Postman, “Despite repeated questions, Rossi refused to say whether he personally believed global warming was real, saying, ‘I’m not a scientist.’” (May 27, 2008).

He was a senator in Olympia for six years. His record highlights his ultra-conservative ideology and the environmental harm he would do as governor. His lifetime Washington Conservation Voters score is 39 (out of 100.) He sided with the Bush administration when they wanted to weaken clean air, water, and land protections, by prohibiting Washington State and other agencies from setting standards higher than the federal government’s minimums (SB 5053, 2003). In 2003, he sided with developers 100 percent of the time when he tried to gut the Growth Management Act in 11 different votes. He blocked funding to help reduce mercury and other toxic pollution in our state—an environmental measure even supported by the Republican-controlled Senate, which passed the measure after he resigned to run for governor.

Transportation Highlights Differences

Governor Gregoire is investing in exciting new technologies to solve our congestion problems. She has instituted HOT (high occupancy toll) lanes and variable pricing, which are endorsed by a wide-range of interests, from businesses to environmental groups. Rossi’s transportation plan is stuck in the past, and in his donor’s pockets. Dino spouts the wishes of his developer buddies: build more roads, pave more, and ignore transit.

His transportation plan includes:

  • Reducing commuter choices: He would take half of Sound Transit’s eastside money and expand highways— making greenhouse gas pollution worse and failing to reduce congestion.
  • Health and education money for highways: Rossi would take $7.7 billion out of the general fund to pay for highway expansion—taking money from education, health care and other vital services. According to the Seattle Times, “Rossi’s plan doesn’t say how he’d make up that money in the general fund.” (Rossi’s Transportation Plan Would Replace Seattle Viaduct With Tunnel, 4/16/08)
  • No Money for Transit: Rossi abandons responsibility for transit. He says, “The state should not meddle in local transit decisions.” (Seattle Times, 4/16/08)
  • Replace Seattle Viaduct with a tunnel: An expensive, irresponsible option that voters soundly rejected by 70%.
  • RTID II: A majority of Rossi’s “congestion relief” highway expansion projects were taken from the failed RTID plan, which lost at the ballot in 2007. His proposed highway expansion only creates more traffic, does nothing to reduce congestion, and will make global warming worse. His plan results in an additional 40,000 cars per day through Bellevue. He promotes building the Cross-Base Highway through ecologically sensitive lands in Pierce County.

You can look at his transportation plan for yourself on his website. And, while you’re there, try to find his position on environmental issues—he doesn’t even address them. Where’s Dino on the environment? From what we do know about his record, the health of our families and communities, the future of our climate stability, and investments in real transportation solutions will be no where to be seen.


To get involved, or for more information, contact James Irwin, Cascade Chapter organizer, james.irwin@sierraclub.org, 206-378-0114 x 320.