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Scott White (D): State Representative #1, District 46

Both candidates in the 46th district have strong credentials and are eager to chart new directions for environmental policy. White, a planner with the King County Department of Transportation, is best suited to apply that environmental leadership in the legislature.

White wants to focus on improving the Growth Management Act so that cities can better provide concurrent services to make dense development livable. He strongly believes variable tolling and transportation impact fees should fund transit service. He wants to set standards that would require urban annexation to prevent sprawling housing developments. He supports an effective statewide cap and trade system.

Locally, he endorses an integrated street solution to replace the Alaskan Way viaduct and has been endorsed by former Seattle City Council member Peter Steinbrueck, with whom the Club worked closely to ensure that option was considered.

White wants to initiate better relations among the Seattle delegation so they will act more strategically on issues critical to designing sustainable urban centers. He does not buy into ground-in assumptions that have plagued legislators in recent transportation debates (i.e., new roads are unavoidable infrastructure). He believes combating climate change means changing the way we travel and live.

Scott White’s Campaign website is http://www.scottwhite.com.