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Reuven Carlyle (D): State Representative #1, District 36

Carlyle is committed to re-forming government policies around core environmental values and fostering environmentally progressive innovation in the private sector. He is determined to correct distorted market signals and misguided incentives that cause environmental concerns to get divorced from public works projects, land use, and economic development.

Carlyle—a technology entrepreneur with a special interest in bringing real time intelligence to our old fashioned electric grids to make them more efficient and better accommodate new uses such as plug-in hybrids—understands the power government policies exert in the marketplace. He wants to ensure that our public policies fully acknowledge and no longer overlook the "external" environmental costs of transportation systems, manufacturing facilities, power generation and more.

In that vein, he supports transparent pricing systems, such as tolls, that capture the true cost of driving. He supports developer fees sufficient to help municipalities cover not only the cost of permitting new building but of the associated amenities needed to make urban landscapes and density more livable, such as parks and open space. He is particularly passionate about reforming state tax formulas that prevent cities from capturing the true costs of the new development they absorb.

He's a strong believer in a cap-and-trade system to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Carlyle brings a fresh perspective to state government; he instinctively looks past conventional notions about maintaining "car capacity" and demands rational discussion of the true social costs and benefits associated with linking our environmental, economic and transportation policies.

As the Sierra Club continues to challenge status quo concepts that obstruct environmental and economic improvement, Carlyle will be an excellent legislative ally and innovator.

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