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Sierra Club Lauds Transit-Only Package in November

-- Sound Transit expansion will help reduce our carbon footprint and save commuters money at the pump --

 Seattle – The Sierra Club today applauds the decision of the Sound Transit Board to give the public the chance to vote for climate-friendly public transit – with no roads attached anywhere. “This is an excellent first step towards creating a comprehensive, well-integrated transportation system that will get people out of their cars. Over half of our regional emissions come from transportation, so if we’re serious about fighting global warming, we need to give people options,” said Mike O’Brien, Chair of the Cascade Chapter of the Sierra Club. “We congratulate the Board for moving forward on this plan, and the Governor, in particular, for assuring resources for buses will help with short-term traffic relief more quickly.”

The Sierra Club opposed last fall’s Roads & Transit ballot initiative due to the massive road building component of the plan, arguing that climate change demanded a new approach. By shackling an important solution (transit) to the climate crisis with one of the primary causes of global warming pollution (more highway lanes), all benefits from transit would have been undone.

“The challenge of global warming demands fresh thinking. We’re excited to see that we are moving away from the tired compromises of the past and towards the bold, visionary steps that will be necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change,” said O’Brien. 

With gas prices continuing to skyrocket, transit ridership constantly shattering records, and global warming pollution still rising, we need to act now to give people options. “This package is a good mix of long-term investments that will build the economic backbone we need to continue to prosper, and shorter-term investments that will provide imminent alternatives to high gas prices,” said Tim Gould, Cascade Chapter Transportation Committee Chair.

The plan will build light rail from S. 272nd Street in Federal Way to Lynnwood, add four round-trip Sounder commuter rail trains in the south corridor, improve station access with facilities for better feeder service to stations, and increase regional express bus service by 10% to 30% by corridor. And it does all of this faster and cheaper than RTID.