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Ron Weigelt (D): State Representative #1, District 31

Ron Weigelt served as a City of Buckley Council Member since 2003 and is currently working as Human Resources Manager for the Seattle/King County Health Department. He has BA in Political Science and MA in Public Administration which he obtained while an officer in the U.S. Army where he served with distinction.

Weigelt has a good list of endorsements including organized labor and Congressman Adam Smith. On the Buckley City Council worked for innovative zoning changes to reduce sprawl and vehicle use. He is very concerned about water quality which he sees as a vital public resource that must be protected and distributed to assure adequate in-stream flows for the natural environment.

On transportation, Weigelt feels we need better coordination between transportation agencies to make public transportation more usable. He currently uses the Sounder commuter train to commute his job in King County. The environment is a high priority for Ron. He shares the Sierra Club’s values and supports our positions on the issues. His opponent is the incumbent, Dan Roach, has a very poor environmental record.

Ron Weigelt understands that it is important to find energy and pollution solutions before it is too late. He would make a good House teammate with Rep. Chris Hurst, the other representative in the 31st District who has a strong record in the House on our issues.

You can learn more about this candidate at http://www.weigelt4rep.org