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Larry Seaquist (D): State Representative #2, District 26

Rep. Larry Seaquist, incumbent in the 26th Dist., Position 2, is running for his second term. In his first term his WCV score was a perfect 100%! We previously endorsed Rep. Seaquist, who won in a close race in this split district in 2006. As a retired Navy Commander, he is bright, astute and quite knowledgeable on the critical environmental issues of our day.

Rep. Seaquist has worked hard in as an advocate for conflict mediation for preventing war. He is involved locally as a leader of a sustainability group in his district (Gig Harbor to Bremerton). He's a real believer in significantly reducing the human impact on global warming and the aggressive pursuit for alternative energy sources such as wind and solar. He's been following the possible use of tidal currents in the Tacoma Narrows. He believes the environmental community should develop a long range legislative plan for its priorities so each session builds on legislation from each previous session to reach a pre-determined long range goal.

Rep. Seaquist is also concerned about protecting water quality. The wells on the Kitsap Peninsula are drying up or are getting contaminated by saltwater intrusion from Puget Sound. Seaquist would like to develop a Ground Water Conservation District on the Peninsula if possible.

As for energy conservation policies, he recommends more incentive strategies as opposed to heavy-handed regulations and steep fees and taxes which tend to hit the lower economic brackets the most harshly. His continued presence in the House is vital for support of the environmental agenda.

More information is available at the campaign website, http://www.electlarryseaquist.com.