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Calvin Goings (D): County Executive, Pierce County

2008 Endorsement of Calvin Goings for Pierce County Executive County Council Member Goings has been nearly the sole environmental leader and voice on the County Council over the last four years. He announced his candidacy in Jan. 2007 and since has gotten endorsements from a broad spectrum of the community, including the entire labor community, police and firefighters, WCV, Congressman Adam Smith and numerous legislators and public officials.

As a County Council Member, he has championed the county's critical areas ordinance with some low impact development options, and Purchase and Transfer of Development Rights legislation to help preserve farm and forests lands. He has fought to prevent expansion of current Urban Growth boundaries. He has a number of green progressive proposals as County Executive including requirements of LEED silver standards for county buildings, expansion of parks and trail systems, and development of county transportation plan in conjunction with area comprehensive plans. Though he supports the Cross Base Highway (as have all the other candidates), the only roads expansion he is pushing is the completion of the SR 167 to the Port of Tacoma. He is strong a proponent of bus service expansion throughout the county, Sounder capacity increase, and Sound Transit Light Rail from Tacoma to SeaTac.

None of the other candidates have put nearly the organization and effort into their campaigns as has Goings. Only County Councilman Bunney has more campaign money, which comes almost entirely from the development and building organizations. Goings' money comes mostly from small and more diverse donors. Goings has worked tirelessly over the last 18 months running for the Pierce County Executive position being vacated by John Ladenburg.

You can learn more about the campaign at http://www.calvingoings.org.