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Bruce Lachney (D): County Council #3, Pierce County

Bruce Lachney is a commercial airline pilot and cranberry grower in the Eatonville area. He's been an active community citizen serving on numerous local government advisory groups, boards, commissions, the most recent being Pierce County Planning Commission for the last four years, where he has demonstrated hard work there saving farmlands and wetlands and preventing the expansion of Urban Growth Area boundaries of rural county towns, which would extend urban sprawl. He introduced the idea of designating agricultural resource lands based on the use of scientific quality soil definitions. The designation of these valuable growing soils in the greater Puyallup River Valley areas made it possible to save these prime agricultural lands in comprehensive land-use plans.

He has received endorsements from WCV, labor, police and fire-fighter organizations and is out-fund-raising his opponent who is the most conservative and developer-supported anti-green incumbent on the County Council. One of his goals for the County Council is to work with the County Executive to get a comprehensive transportation plan in place for the county, which currently is non-existent, and to get a sustainability criterion built into policy for any building and development in the county. Bruce Lachney is a smart knowledgeable community activist who shares the Sierra Club’s values. His election to the Council could change the balance of power on the Council to favor a progressive agenda and lessoning of sprawl in Pierce County.

Lachney's campaign website is http://www.votelachney.com.