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Sierra Club Endorses Healthy Indoor Air Initiative 901

The Sierra Club has officially endorsed Washington State’s Initiative 901.

Healthy Indoor Air for All Washington, the initiative’s volunteer-driven supporting organization, aims to change Washington State law to eliminate smoking in indoor public places. This initiative would protect employees, patrons and children from the dangers of secondhand smoke in workplaces and public gathering places.

Scott Otterson, Chapter Political Co-chair commented, "A lot of folks might wonder why the Sierra Club is bothering with a secondhand smoke initiative. Well, you might not think of cigarette smoke in the same way as you think of power plant emissions, but really, they're both dangerous forms of pollution. In the US each year, coal-fired plants cause an estimated 24,000 early deaths. In that same year, secondhand smoke causes 38,000 US deaths."

“Clean and breathable air is a basic right for us all, and is especially important for our children,” Holly Forrest, Chapter Legislative Chair noted. “The Sierra Club has worked hard to protect the quality of the air that we breathe, but even today more than 130 million Americans continue to be exposed to dirty and unhealthy air. Secondhand smoke is one of the most dangerous forms of air pollution, and indoor air quality is a proven cause of asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and other major illnesses. We support Initiative 901 as a step toward protecting our children and our future,” she added.

For more information, please contact Angela Silva at angela.silva@sierraclub.org or (206) 378-0114 x320.