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Geoff Simpson (D): State Representative #1, District 47

State Representative Geoff Simpson believes that we can revive our sagging economy without sacrificing environmental safeguards and our quality of life. Geoff received an early endorsement from the Sierra Club for his conservation-minded lawmaking over the last few years. As Chairman of the House Local Government Committee since 2005 where he has fought off every attempt by developers to weaken the state’s Growth Management Act. Without Rep. Simpson chairing that committee, we would have a lot more sprawl. Geoff has single-handedly blocked dozens of bills that would have gutted environmental protections and increased sprawling, unplanned development.

As a longtime member of the House Transportation Committee, Geoff fought for and helped pass the Washington State Clean Car bill and a series of legislation designed to invest in cleaner, homegrown biodiesel and ethanol fuel production here in Washington State. He has also championed several of the environmental community’s top priorities, including a bill last year that will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through smarter land use planning. A longtime environmental champion, Geoff Simpson consistently demonstrates his commitment to preserving our environment for future generations. Finally, Rep. Simpson is one of the most tenacious voices for the environment inside the House Democratic Caucus.

For more information: www.votesimpson.com.