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Scott Olson (D): State Representative #1, District 39

Scott Olson is running to unseat incumbent Dan Kristiansen, who has a lifetime environmental voting record of “F” due to positions completely at odds with the Sierra Club’s legislative priorities.

Scott Olson has leadership experience as a former Sultan City Councilman and active community volunteer. His environmental goals include:

  • Finding practical, long-term solutions to making our roads safer and providing transportation alternatives.
  • Support for the 2008 passage of Proposition 1.
  • Creating a balance that protects open spaces and family farms, while allowing responsible growth. He notes that Fully Contained Communities are not the answer because they lead to further sprawl.
  • Stepping up the timetable on measures to fight global warming and develop clean, renewable energy from environmentally and economically sound sources.
Campaign web site: http://electscott.org.