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Al O'Brien (D): State Representative #1, District 1

Representative Al O’Brien has served in the House since 1996. The top environmental bills that Al has sponsored involve assessing the hazards of lead paint in the environment, and recycling electronic products & devices. He has co-sponsored measures for safe drinking water in schools, high performance green building standards, habitat conservation, water quality protection for our orcas, salmon and shellfish, protecting forest lands, clean burning alternative fuels in school buses, tax incentives for solar power systems, a trust for development of renewable energy, increasing the availability of alternative fuels, oil spill prevention, preparedness & response, an aquatic rehabilitation account to protect and restore Hood Canal, and requesting funds from Washington D.C. to test the magnetic levitation transportation system.

He also co-sponsored a bill to increase funding for degrees in science, math, & technology. Al would like to promote high capacity trains and a light rail system for the Puget Sound area, encourage developers to build mixed-use buildings, urge Washington State to take an active role in the Kyoto development and resolutions, restore Puget Sound and Hood Canal, and eliminate dead zones on the Pacific Coast.

Visit Al O'Brien's website: http://hdc.leg.wa.gov/members/obrien/