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Sound Transit Is Back With a Better, Faster Greener Plan

This year, residents of King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties have the chance to vote on a transit-only package – one that the Sierra Club worked hard to influence and bring to the voters. There are many compelling reasons to vote for this package – the near-term increase in bus service will certainly help reduce the pain of filling the gas tank for many, and commuters who switch to transit will reduce traffic congestion for those who choose to drive.

Light rail will help foster compact, walkable communities that will fight sprawl and help accommodate the massive influx of new residents that we’re expecting. It will reduce the inequity of a society where even the poor have to bear the expense of car ownership. Vote Yes for more transit, and let’s start changing our community for the better.

The question before us is larger than whether or not we want to increase public transit. It is whether or not we have the foresight to make long-term investments in our region’s health, our economy and future competitiveness, and the security of our climate and environment.

Last fall, the Sierra Club opposed the Roads & Transit package, because it included nearly 200 miles of new highways – a sure guarantee of increased global warming pollution. This year we have the opportunity to pass a strong transit package. It is an essential piece of a regional transportation system, and one that is long overdue. Since transportation is responsible for over half of our region’s greenhouse gas emissions, widespread public transit is essential to fight global warming. We urge you to vote Yes on the Sound Transit system expansion ballot measure.

Sound Transit’s Bigger, Better, Faster Plan Includes:

Light Rail Expansion:

  • Seattle to Bellevue to Redmond (7 years earlier than with last year's Roads & Transit package)
  • University of Washington north to Lynnwood (5 years earlier than with last year's Roads & Transit package)
  • SeaTac to Midway to Federal Way (5 years earlier than with last year's Roads & Transit package)

Commuter Rail Expansion:

  • Lakewood to Seattle service increase of 65% using longer trains and more trips.

Express Bus Service Improvements:

  • Increase of 100,000 bus service hours in 2009
  • 10-30% increase in key corridors
  • Bus rapid service added to State Route 520

Station Access Improvements including:

  • More transfer facilities for better feeder service to stations.
  • Bicycle access and storage
  • New and improved drop-off areas
  • Pedestrian accessibility
  • Expanded parking