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Sound Transit - Proposition 1 Passed!!!

King, Pierce and Shohomish County voters, voted all the way down the ballot and passed an important public transportation measure: Proposition 1.

Proposition 1, will help tackle three problems at the same time – global warming, gridlock, and gas prices. This ballot measure will build 36 miles of new light rail, increase bus service overall by 17% starting next year, and increase commuter rail service by 65% immediately.

Building a comprehensive mass transit system will help build resilient communities. We’re facing uncertain economic and environmental times, but investing in solutions like public transit can help ward off some of the worst effects.

Proposition 1 will cut traffic by up to 30%, along with an attendant 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide pollution annually. Not only will this start to address the emissions from our transportation sector, it will make our existing roads more efficient for those who still have to drive.

Prop 1 will also make our economies more resilient. We’re currently highly vulnerable to fluctuations in oil prices. The era of cheap gas is over, but we don’t know how expensive things will get. Mass transit is not as vulnerable to such disruption (especially clean, electric powered light rail). We’re also spending $4.1 billion dollars statewide each year on gasoline and diesel – which goes to oil companies and questionable foreign regimes. This plan could save $41 million dollars annually in fuel costs.

Prop 1 will also begin to address one of the greatest inequities of our society – our dependence on the auto. For low-income families (and increasingly middle-income ones as well), the cost of buying, maintaining, insuring, and fueling a car is a massive portion of their monthly income. Our current system gives them no choice. By building mass transit we begin to address some of the fundamental inequalities of our transportation system.

Thank you for voting Yes on Proposition 1 – to reduce global warming, find relief from gas prices, and get past gridlock.