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Maybe you've already changed all your incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescents. And this past winter you turned down the thermostat by 2 degrees. You're saving energy and money, and reducing your carbon footprint. But we all need to go the extra mile to wrangle the climate-change challenge and create a clean energy future.

The coolest thing is: We've got what we need - the technology and "can do" spirit. Click here for information that could help you kick it up a notch in your home when it comes to energy savings and reducing your carbon footprint:

 Click here for videos: How to get the job done! Rather than tell you to improve things at home, we convinced our own Owen Bailey to show you how. Videos demonstrate how to install a low-flow showerhead, insulate your water heater, compost at home & install a programmable thermostat! 

 Click here to quiz yourself: How Much $ Can Efficiency Save? If you spend money on efficiency, how long does it take to earn your money back? Take our quiz, and then see the answers and check out our handy-dandy chart.

 Click here for Mr. Green's Cool Home checklist: (PDF) Go through your house room-by-room to see what you're doing right--and how you can improve.

 Click here to learn ow to buy (or demand) green energy: Find out whether your utility gives you the option to buy solar- and wind-sourced energy, and if they don't, what you can do.

 Click here to get into solar for less than $1,000: You don't have to blanket your roof with solar panels to benefit from the sun. Here are some smaller projects you can try.

 Click here to learn about cars that never need gas: You've got to envy these folks who drive electric vehicles charged by the sun. They never have to go to gas up!