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2010 Environmental Priorities

In these challenging economic times, our leaders in Olympia need to stand up and make smart decisions that not only support economic recovery but also protect our environment.

This year, the Environmental Priorities Coalition has chosen three priority proposals to support during Washington State's legislative session that aim to meet this need. Together, they will deliver healthy communities and sustainable green jobs.

Our 2010 Priorities help ensure clean water, create new jobs, reduce the threat of toxic chemicals, and maintain core environmental protections in a time of slashed budgets.

In addition, the coalition is dedicated to maintaining the strength and integrity of the Citizen's Clean Energy Initiative, I-937. We will ensure that the Legislature delivers on the commitment to building a clean energy economy and supporting green jobs. By doing so, we will decrease both our fossil fuel dependence and climate pollution.  Click here to check out dates for several ways you can help directly impact the legislative session!