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Help Salmon and Orcas . . . Plant a Rain Garden

Protect our water . . . one rain garden at a time!

The Problem:
Urban storm water runoff or rain water collects pesticides, bacteria, hydrocarbons, and metals and transports this pollution into the Puget Sound.  To survive, endangered wild salmon and orcas need to receive clean, non-toxic water.

RAIN GARDENS - An Easy Solution:
Rain gardens are a type of low impact landscaping that diverts rain water into the ground instead of storm drains.  The native plant species in the garden help collect, filter, and absorb pollutants from storm water runoff.  The water then ends up in Puget Sound cleaner for salmon, orcas, and all marine life.

Be a Part of the SOLUTION:
To learn how to plant your own rain garden or to help the Cascade Chapter plant rain gardens in schools, go to: directory/committees/water; http://www.pierce.wsu.edu/Lid/raingarden/raingarden_handbook.pdf; http://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/200911/whales.aspx