Explore, enjoy and protect the planet

Tim Probst: State Representative #1, District 17

Tim Probst is a previously endorsed incumbent. During his first term in the Legislature Tim backed the JOBS Act, which promotes energy efficiency in our school buildings—and spoke for it on the House floor. He supported the safe baby bottle act and the local farms / healthy kids act. He also wrote and sponsored two bills to increase green energy jobs across the State—the Evergreen Jobs Act and the New Energy Act. He would like to provide opportunity through green jobs, which would in turn provide more funding for other environmental efforts.

He is an avid backpacker and is enjoys our region’s open spaces. Tim’s top environmental priorities are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our wild places. His motivation for being a public servant is the opportunity to make a difference.

Tim’s has expressed his commitment to doing more to protect our waterways in his second term. Priorities would be the Columbia River and its tributaries, and Vancouver Lake, because they are close to home, also, water quality in Puget Sound, because of its critical biodiversity. He would like to work on to reduce pollution, protect the streams feeding into the sound, remove the fishing nets embedded in the seafloor, and public education.

He advocates:

  • Efforts to reduce global warming—he recognizes this as a global safety concern;
  • Carbon tax.
  • More mass transit options.
  • Green jobs producing products that can be sold globally, and incentives for start-up of large-scale green industry.
  • A more equitable tax structure.
  • Strengthening of the Growth Management Act.
  • Speeding up the timetable for resolving the Trans-Alta Coal Plant issue.
Website: http://www.electtimprobst.com.