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Jim Moeller: State Representative #2, District 49

Jim Moeller has consistently supported environmental legislation at the state level during his three terms in the House of Representatives. He has worked and cooperated closely with other environmentally aware elected officials during his tenure.

He advocates:

  • Changes in the GMA that will increase density within cities and reduce sprawl into environmentally sensitive areas and agriculture land.
  • Lifestyle changes that will dictate greater use of mass transit and other transportation alternatives;
  • Greater opportunity to develop individual choices in transportation methods;
  • Cooperation and consensus-building among interested parties across the board;
  • Continued funding of the Columbia Gorge Commission.
  • Innovative efforts to increase alternative energy manufacturing through increased state investment into universities and making other changes that would encourage development of manufacturers of renewable energy products.

He opposes:

  • Continued tax incentives for corporations, as these incentives reduce state revenues. If a new venture needs tax incentives to get started it must have a sunset clause.

Webwite http://jimmoeller.org.