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Dennis Kampe: State Representative #1, District 18

Dennis Kampe is a first-time candidate, running for the position vacated by Jaime Herrera. He is a down-to-earth, straight-talker, who has lived in this community all his life. He has worked as a machinist; in business administration doing accounting and HR; and in education, first teaching at the Skill Center, and then working in administration. He feels that he has the ability to facilitate communication, and would work toward building a common ground where issues can be discussed on their merits.

Although his focus, and the reason he decided to run for office, is education, he is a person who loves wild areas and has a strong desire to ensure conservation of our open spaces. He is disturbed by the loss of farmland and watches urban growth in the region with concern. He also believes green jobs will be one of the key components to getting our economy moving again.

He is endorsed by the Washington State labor Council, Craig Pridemore, Jim Moeller, Tim Probst and a host of other community leaders. He hopes to draw on their knowledge as he grows in his knowledge of environmental issues. He also expressed a desire for open communication with Sierra Club in order to stay informed on the SC position concerning emerging issues.

He advocates:

  • Bringing living-wage renewable energy jobs to the region, including start-up incentives for clean industry.
  • Supporting research into new forms of clean energy.
  • Cleaning up the TransAlta Coal Plant as soon as possible.
  • Strengthening of the GMA.
  • Making sure renewable methods are used in forestry practices.
  • Public investment into retrofitting older structures and making them more energy efficient, helping create jobs in the process.
  • Creating green transportation choices for citizens.
  • A Polluters Tax. The oil industry—some members of which turned a profit this past year that was LARGER than the entire budget of the State of Washington—should have to pay their fair share.
  • A carbon tax.
  • The Clean Water Bill.
  • Full funding of I-937.

He opposes:

  • The Storedahl and Sons' gravel mining plan for the East Fork of the Lewis River.
Website: http://electkampe.com.