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Jim Jacks: State Representative #1, District 49

Jim Jacks is a previously endorsed incumbent. Jim has been a life-long conservation advocate who personally lives an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and sees this time in history as a teachable moment on environmental issues.

During his first term in office, the major obstacle to progress on environment and conservation has been the economic crisis and budget shortfall. The budget issues will continue to be a challenge in the upcoming years and Jim sees that Washington State may need to move to a more balanced tax structure (less reliant on sales tax).

Jim Voted yes for Rep. Ormsby’s HB 1614 in committee and the floor in 2009. Also in 2010, voting yes in committee (it came out 8-7) and being on record as a yes vote for Ormsby’s hazardous substances tax for stormwater if it came to the floor. Jim currently serves on the Technology, Energy and Communications (TEC) Committee. Most energy issues come through TEC so he has a good chance to make an impact there.

He advocates:

  • Use of alternative energy, including providing Public Utility Districts the flexibility to purchase or use excess energy produced by individual solar panel users.
  • Carbon tax (probably a better option than cap and trade).
  • Increasing generation of alternative energy, increased energy efficiency, increase in the use of electric cars, and increasing the amount of distributed generation.
  • Moving aggressively forward on renewable energy sources, improving efficiency, and diversifying our generation sources. Almost all of our eggs are in the hydro basket, which is totally dependent on snow pack and threatened by global warming.
  • Eliminating the $5 million tax break for TransAlta. Jim prefers that the facility move to a cleaner technology and preserve the hundreds of union jobs.
  • Metering exempt wells to measure how much water is actually being withdrawn.

Website: http://www.jimjacks.com.