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Karen Valenzuela: County Commission #3, Thurston County

Karen Valenzuela has had experience serving on the Tumwater City Council and as Thurston Co. Commissioner. She has also served as a legislative staffer several years ago. She is very familiar with how government works and has already worked to streamline county government. Also, as County Commissioner she has worked on land-use rules to preserve farmlands, densify urban areas, and protect wetlands. She is a strong proponent of green economic development and will work hard to attract living wage green jobs in the county. She has worked in the solar energy development area in recent years. More recently she has taken an active interest in revising the County's Shoreline Master Plan and in regulating aquaculture so as to protect natural intertidal zones and shorelines for wildlife habitat and public recreational use. Thurston County needs Ms. Valenzuela to return as County Commissioner, District 3, as a strong voice for environmental protection in addition to green jobs and renewable energy development.