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Sumner Schoenike: State Representative #1, District 26

Sumner Schoenike is a pediatrician with a Masters of Public Health. As a physician, health care is high on his list of legislative priorities followed by education, jobs and the environment. His top concerns are the issues of climate change, ocean acidification and habitat destruction. He strongly supports I-937 and other numerous strategies to reduce green house gas emissions in transportation, and supports transitioning the TransAlta Coal Plant in Centralia off polluting coal. He urges science-based decisions on water policy and wants to see the Growth Management Act and the Shorelines Management Act achieve “no net loss” of ecological function with enforcement and youth education. Another one of his top priorities is to ensure that commercial aquaculture does not destroy Puget Sound ecosystems and wildlife/marine habitats.

His campaign is strong, but he faces a tough race against a one-term anti-environment incumbent in this split district. Dr. Schoenike’s election will return this seat to an environmental advocate.

For more information, please visit the candidate's Web page at http://www.sumnerschoenike.org.