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Steve Stuart: County Council #3, Clark County

Steve Stuart, a previously endorsed candidate running for re-election as County Commissioner.

On this 3-person Commission Steve is often the lone voice for progressive practices to support the environment. His challenge is to state the benefit of environmentally-conscious planning to people who approach issues from a more conservative stance. By being persuasive he has found he can chock up some wins for our County's air, land, and water; and diminish the damage when a total win is not attainable.

Steve has demonstrated support for our rural faming industry (He was instrumental in forming the Agricultural Preservation Advisory Committee), he has a commitment to pursuing increased alternative transportation options, and he is actively promoting renewable technology and low impact development practices. He is also working to reclaim two landfills, bring jobs, and create energy, with a waste-to-energy facility.

In addition to protecting (and possibly increasing) agricultural lands, utilizing the Legacy lands program and actively protecting the Critical Area Ordinance will help preserve open spaces. He is will be supporting a greater use of live / work / play type of development in existing urban areas rather than the sprawl-and-drive model.

Current projects he is working on include a Clean Water program to educate the community about the importance of protecting our waterways. He supports working with landowners to restore habitat, do in-stream restoration, and work to diversify species in and around our streams and rivers. He points to the work on Salmon Creek as an example of progress on this front.Visit the Elect Steve Stuart website for more information