Explore, enjoy and protect the planet

Andy Billig: State Representative #1, District 3

Andy Billig has pledged to initiate and pursue legislation designed to protect the environment, and has demonstrated in several ways that he personally and privately is dedicated to Sierra Club objectives and values. Andy has been a member of The Sierra Club for several years. In his professional life, as the franchise owner of The Spokane Indians, Andy is taking specific steps to create an energy self sufficient ball field in Spokane, that he intends to use as a demonstration site. As a regular cyclist, Andy also is involved in citizen efforts to deal with traffic congestion and fossil fuels. Finally, Andy passes the tests of political viability with flying colors; he has raised more than twice the money that his very capable opponent has, and is conducting his first campaign with impressive professionalism.

Please visit the candidate's Web page at www.andybillig.com.