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Maralyn Chase: State Senator, District 32

Maralyn Chase has been an environmental trailblazer in the House, and will undoubtedly continue in that vein in the Senate. Running to fill the 32nd Legislative District Senate seat vacated by Darlene Fairley's retirement. Maralyn will bring a fresh brand of advocacy to the Senate floor.

She is a bulldog on environmental issues, along with education, transportation, housing and and clean energy, notably solar power. Water issues feature prominently, in addition to raising awareness about plastic beverage bottles and BPA in baby bottles. Maralyn is often years ahead of her caucus on such issues.

She was first to introduce carbon tax legislation and sponsored a bill to phase out plastic bags. Maralyn was one of only 36 legislators out of 1000 or so, while attending a conference in Canada, to be invited to tour the Tar Sands project. We are certain she raised some tough questions, and we look forward to her report on the tour.

We consider Maralyn Chase to be an Environmental Champion of the first order, and strongly urge your support for her campaign. Please visit the candidate's Web site at http://maralynchase.org.