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Tom Riggs: State Representative #2, District 10

Tom Riggs, a Park Ranger, is living the Sierra Club life with his wife and two children on a 5-acre hobby farm with a vegetable garden, a small orchard, some chickens and a breeding trio of American Guinea Hogs, a critically endangered breed of heritage pigs.

As first-time candidates go, he seems very comfortable in the role.

While admitting he has much to learn, Tom demonstrates knowledge on a broad range of issues, particularly environmental and sustainability.

In true grassroots fashion, Tom collected some 500 signatures to get on the ballot without paying the filing fee, which alone distinguishes him among a wide range of candidates.

Still, having only raised a fraction of the money his incumbent opponent Barbara Bailey has, Tom will surely have a difficult time competing in this lean ‘R’ district.

If you are looking for a long shot, dark horse candidate to put some money or shoe leather behind, you could do no better than Tom Riggs. We believe he will make a hard run for the finish line.

His Web site is at www.tomriggs.org.