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Lauren Walker: City Council #3, Tacoma

Lauren Walker, a first-term incumbent whom we endorsed in her last election, has performed well with respect to the environmental community’s environmental & sustainability agenda in Tacoma. She is an avid bicyclist. She voted for Tacoma’s ordinances for core area “mixed-use centers”, the Mobility Master Plan (emphasis on bike/pedestrian/mass transit), and Open Space & Urban Forestry Plan. Working on affordable housing in the core area of Tacoma and throughout her district is a high priority for her as a city council member and in her day-job work for a non-profit advocacy organization. She strongly supports the city’s Climate Action Plan and the recommendations from the three-year-old Tacoma Sustainability Office and Commission. She has no viable opposition in this race. The Sierra Club feels it is important to continue to endorse a previously endorsed candidate who has supported the environment and with whom the Club has a good relationship. Both the Sierra Club and Conservation Voters are recommending endorsement of Lauren Walker for re-election to the City Council.