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Ryan Mello: City Council #8, Tacoma

Ryan Mello’s professional background includes current leadership of the Tacoma-Pierce County program for the Cascade Land Conservancy. Every day he works to conserve working farms and forests, habitat for wildlife and park lands while creating more tools for directing growth to our cities. Before working for the Cascade Land Conservancy, he worked as Chief Aide to State Representative Hans Dunshee, one of our state’s most effective and dedicated environmental champions. Mello also had the honor of co-chairing the City of Tacoma’s Green Ribbon Task Force on Climate Change, developing the City’s Climate Action Plan currently being implemented by the City. He is currently serving as a Tacoma City Council Member appointed to fill a vacancy 18 months ago. Since then he has been a leader on the council working for mechanisms to fully implement the city’s Mobility Master Plan for fixing Tacoma’s residential roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, trails and dramatically expanding Tacoma’s light rail system. He will continue to work with the city’s state delegation to advocate for resources that would allow the city to better clean its pipes and create filtering systems to clean water before it enters Puget Sound. Mello supports transitioning away from wood-burning devices and wood-burning stoves within the city while working hard for a solution where low-income people can both stay warm and afford a heat bill powered by cleaner, healthier sources. He also supports an anti-idling policy for diesel trucks and other vehicles in the city, including the Port of Tacoma. Ryan Mello is the overwhelming choice of the Sierra Club and Conservation Voters for this position.