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Anne McEnerny-Ogle: City Council #6, Vancouver

Anne has actively sought our endorsement and has been interviewed by members of the Loo Wit Political Committee last Monday. She is dynamic and has an enthusiasm for the environment, is extremely well-informed, and has a mind for detail.

Her background is in community and neighborhood organization. She is the current Chair of the Vancouver Neighborhood Alliance and is involved in many safe-neighborhood task force groups. She has been active in obtaining grants for neighborhood associations and park development.

She spent five years on the City of Vancouver Planning Commission. She is involved incommunity organization and attends many task force and development meetings including those concerning storm water, the Critical Areas Ordinance, and Tree Ordinance.

Professionally she served 30 years as a public school mathematics teacher. She has also served as a scout leader for many years. The endorsement team was impressed with her and feel she would bring a lot of energy and drive to City Council.

The incumbent in this race did not seek endorsements and did not prevail in the primary. Anne's opponent is a staunch conservative whose focus is more on opposing new projects than developing new ideas.

Visit Anne McEnerny-Ogle's campaign website for more information.